Howdy, I’m Eduard Jovanovic,

I design websites, logos, visual identities, wordpress themes and other cool stuff.

I’m one of those one-man armies that think, sketch and develop websites, build brands and help startups building their online presence.

In other words, I’m a multimedia designer specializing in web, interface and visual identity design, a web developer and internet marketer. I’m passionate about design, typography, user experience, the web and new media technologies, and all things related to visual arts. As corny as it may sound, creativity is more than a profession, it’s my way of life.

A bit of history

I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, where I still live today. Even as a young child I showed a unique talent of converting nothing into something. I even made a guitar out of cigarette boxes. For a few years I’ve lived in Spain, where I started developing a sense for art, architecture and travel. Once back in Belgrade, I got in contact with digital arts, experimenting with digital painting, 3D modeling and animation programs. I created my first website in highschool, and have built dozens of them since. In 2006 (during college) I created Ocili, a dynamic community that laid the foundations for most of my next personal projects. After that I’ve created both small startup websites, corporate presentations and complex international communities and social networks.


For the past few years, blogging has been an important part of my life. On reSapiens I share thoughts, info and inspiration related to my passions - design, internet marketing, travel and outdoors, photography, and cooking. There’s also Belgrade my way, an alternative tour guide of my hometown, and Zanimljiva Srbija, a blog about the natural and cultural heritage of Serbia. I’m preparing a few more blogs, which should be released soon.