Virtuelna Srbija


One of the numerous concepts for Virtuelna Srbija reconstruction, featuring an illustrated background, a Google Earth map and a time-travel machine interface.

Virtuelna Srbija game concept

And the interactive postcard/game idea.

reSabi TV

reSabi-TV-404reSabi TV is a project I started just for fun, with intention to gather my favorite YouTube playlists by genres and share them with my friends. It has about a dozen of channels, mostly musical. For this project I illustrated a TV with surrounding loudspeakers as the background for the playlists.

As part of the branding for this project, I’ve created an original 404 page.

Zanimljiva Srbija

Zanimljiva Srbija Home

Zanimljiva Srbija is a blog that promotes Serbian cultural heritage and natural treasures. It is based heavily on photography and illustrations in order to bring closer forgotten stories.

The design features a large subscription and community box right below the logo, as well as a full width illustration of mixed Serbian landscapes.